Map. History of Pacific conflict

14 December 2017
Philippines Senator Angara says all coal companies - both local and foreign - will be covered by the new excise tax. But local coal companies will still enjoy their VAT exemption until it is revoked
Philippines lawmakers celebrate the passage of the milestone tax reform bill. While many opposed the effect of high fuel and sugar taxes, they said the income tax cut would still benefit majority of Filipinos
Classes in all levels in Camarines Sur suspended due to Tropical Depression Urduja
Philippines Senate approves doubling the salary of military and uniformed personnel. Budget of ₱62.8B already allocated so increase can take effect January 1, 2018
New Philippine Ambassador to the United States Jose Manuel G. Romualdez met members of local the Filipino community on at the embassy’s Romulo Hall
ASG execute Vietnamese captain, abducted in Nov 2016. Of the 12 VN hostages taken from 2 ships, 4 were executed, 2 died in captivity or during rescue ops, 5 were rescued and 1 escaped.
Deliberations finally start. Aquino, Trillanes, Gordon, Lacson oppose the motion to ratify, first raising questions on tax bill in Philippines
Earthquake of magnitude 4.6 - 29km S of Parapat, Indonesia
More than two hours since plenary started, tax reform still not discussed - even though it was listed as the first item on the agenda. This is the last day Philippines Congress can pass the tax bill before they go on holiday break
CPP-NPA on President Rodrigo Duterte's another martial law extension
Armed Forces ready to help Palestinians: Malaysian defense minister
An impeachment complaint has been filed vs. Philippines Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales
President Rodrigo Duterte to extend Philippines National Police Chief Ronald Dela Rosa's term up to 3 months
Earthquake of magnitude 4.6 - 87km W of Merizo Village, Guam
President Duterte to Congress: Thanks for extending martial law in Mindanao
Duterte: These firearms we demilitarized shall serve as a symbol that we shall not waver our resolve against those who threaten our freedom
Duterte to soldiers: Do not surrender alive
Duterte: I have ordered the NHA to build cottages for soldiers still in therapy
Duterte: Give me more time in solving Mindanao problem
Duterte to communists: I'll practice attack helicopters on you
Philippines House of Representatives has ratified the Joint Resolution No. 13 extending the proclamation of martial law in Mindanao from January 1-December 31, 2018
Duterte to communists: You're out to kill people; this is terror
Duterte again hits Presidential Commission for the Urban Poor chief for foreign travels
Duterte: If you want change then you have to go to the people and explain to them
Duterte: If I really wanted an enemy, I would have wanted a foreign country – not a Filipino
Duterte: We will have difficulty without martial law powers
Duterte: I don't want to kill fellow Filipinos
Australian PM says government at risk if it loses Sydney by-election
Two separate fires in Malaysian Selangor kill nine; four believed to be murdered before being set ablaze
Demilitarization of enemy weapons seized during the Marawi siege
Duque: Instructed PhilHealth to make sure vaccines will be covered
Health Secretary Francisco Duque: Regional offices collating list of vaccinated children
President Rodrigo Duterte inspects captured, confiscated, surrendered, and recovered firearms during the Marawi crisis
Human Rights Watch calls on Singapore to relax free speech, assembly laws
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte wins martial law powers across the southern third of the country for one more year to combat Islamic militants and leftist rebels
Operation #ChristmasDrop2017. Day 3rd. USAF C-130J (cs "Santa41") wkg in the operation area over Western Pacific. Present position is 0708n15220e.
Operation #ChristmasDrop2017. Day 3rd. JASDF C-130`s (cs "Santa49" and "Santa48") are returned to the Guam from the operation area with "ops normal" report on HF.