Map. History of Oceania conflict

17 October 2017
Duterte says that police were afraid to make arrests before because once cases have been filed, they will be unable to feed their family
President Duterte says that human rights groups did not bother to count the victims of drugs
President Duterte says that if we slide in the drug war because of the withdrawal of the Philippines National Police, let's go to Human Rights for help
President Duterte names Lopez of Maasim Parojinogs, Albuera, Odicta as narcopoliticians
President Duterte: There are about 9000 policemen involved on drugs in the Philippines
President of the Philippines Duterte praising China and Russia for their arms shipments
Philippines President Duterte: 2 days before the election, Lucio Tan was in Davao to give me money. I turned him down
President Duterte says that Chinese sniper rifles have been a "great help."
President Duterte: I said I will stop corruption, I am doing my best
President Duterte said that once the UN interferes, Philippines will go the same fate as Yugoslavia and become "Balkanized" into smaller states
President Duterte says that if the country fails to turn to the federal system, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front will be forced to turn to violence
President Duterte warns that if federalism or any other change does not push through, there will be trouble in Mindanao
President Duterte: Mindanao is a melting pot. That is why we can communicate with everyone
President Duterte wants his Davao-style of governance as a template for the entire Philippines
President Duterte jokes that if his plane goes down, the crowd would be happy become the next President would be from Naga
President Duterte: I just came from Marawi and with the grace of God, we have restored peace
President Duterte delivers speech in Pili, Camarines Sur
Philippine President Duterte declares liberation of Marawi city from militants after nearly 5 months of fighting
Floodwaters inundate villages; displace thousands of Zambo residents
Algae at Kranji Reservoir in Singapore turns waters a murky green, PUB says no cause for alarm
Marawi still needs to be cleared before residents can return, says mayor
Extremist fighters left in Marawi no longer a serious threat — Philippines Army chief
55 people from syndicate that ran gambling dens, dealt with contraband cigarettes arrested in Singapore
Philippines Department of Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II said DOJ prosecutors planning to amend drug cases brought vs @SenLeiladeLima
President Rody Duterte declares Marawi City now captured from militants and rehabilitation will begin.
The lack of heavy armor of the Philipine vehicles against ISIS has make the crews to adopt an unuseful DIY armor make of wood.
#USSPreble and #USSHalsey set to depart Pearl Harbor today for deployment with Theodore Roosevelt Strike Group
Philippines Army(AFP) chief of staff Gen Año: end of hostilities in Marawi before the end of October or earlier
Italian AW-109 helicopters firing rockets and machine guns against ISIS in Marawi, Philipines.
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